Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Quiet Place Project

I have been researching and following blogs long before I even thought about starting up my own. Some blogs do not link or relate to others, as this can be percieved as 'advertising' or 'promoting' the opposition. But I don't care. I think the 'Quiet Place Project' is a genius website.

As a busy student, I get really stressed out. It can be over friendships, relationships, homework, hormones, exam dates, due-in dates and many little 'niggly' reasons. I never really take time out to breathe or do things for myself (like this blog for example!)
Anyway, today I discovered 'The Quiet Place Project'. It's a website which provides a sort of online narration of relation therapy. Soothing music lulls the brain into a relaxed state, whilst an interactive narrative comforts you. This one particular link on their webpage made me so happy. It was a little project where the reader writes down all their worries in a box on the screen, and watches as they float away and become stars on a backdrop of a serene night sky.
Seeing the images, listening to the music, watching my troubles as they floated away was an experience I'll never forget, even if it was only alive on a computer screen.

'The Quiet Place Project' also had a really good idea about how to visually see your troubles and worries float away. One of their suggestions was to blow up several balloons either alone or with friends and write down your troubles on them with a pen. Then, once outside, simply let them go and watch as the balloons float away. In my head, I can see myself doing this at night-time, in the little field near to my house and feeling so relieved, relaxed, and like a weight has been lifted.

On reflection, I am not really a 'spiritual' person, even though I am religious. That may sound a bit contradictory, but it's true. I don't have a lot of quiet time to reflect and admire the beauty of the world, so I suppose that's why I don't do it or think about it much.
But I hope that after reading and experiencing these amazing ideas I could perhaps begin to understand calming ways of becoming more relaxed and spiritual, even when I am stressed out for whatever reason. I thank 'The Quiet Place Project' for helping me realise what more I should do to make myself more relaxed, and overall happier during a day. I would really reccommend it to everyone to try!
Just by taking 30 seconds out of a busy evening really did make a difference, and I'm sure it will for many others too.

Goodbye for now and thank you for reading!

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