Sunday, 30 September 2012

Life Lessons

Here I am, yet again recommending another blog!
I have been in full swing researching other blogs, and as you have seen from my last post, I have stumbled across quite a few hidden jems. One of these was 'The Quiet Place Project' and another is 'Marc and Angel Hack Life'. I have been viewing this blog daily since I found it and I feel it's an online retreat for those who need guidance.

It's rather like a 'mother blog' (self-made term alert). By this I mean that all the tremendous and in-depth advice they offer is a lot like the advice your mother would give you.
Their posts range from help with finance, life, impossible decisions, health and self-improvement. It has really inspired me, and many of their posts make me feel happy and appriciate the little things.

This blog is universally useful, not only morally and physcologically, but practically too. It has handy little hints and tips for making the most of things, and getting a head start in business. These bloggers really know what they are doing, and if my blog turns out to become even a quater as successful and inspirational as theirs, I would be over the moon.

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