Sunday, 30 September 2012

Life Lessons

Here I am, yet again recommending another blog!
I have been in full swing researching other blogs, and as you have seen from my last post, I have stumbled across quite a few hidden jems. One of these was 'The Quiet Place Project' and another is 'Marc and Angel Hack Life'. I have been viewing this blog daily since I found it and I feel it's an online retreat for those who need guidance.

It's rather like a 'mother blog' (self-made term alert). By this I mean that all the tremendous and in-depth advice they offer is a lot like the advice your mother would give you.
Their posts range from help with finance, life, impossible decisions, health and self-improvement. It has really inspired me, and many of their posts make me feel happy and appriciate the little things.

This blog is universally useful, not only morally and physcologically, but practically too. It has handy little hints and tips for making the most of things, and getting a head start in business. These bloggers really know what they are doing, and if my blog turns out to become even a quater as successful and inspirational as theirs, I would be over the moon.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Quiet Place Project

I have been researching and following blogs long before I even thought about starting up my own. Some blogs do not link or relate to others, as this can be percieved as 'advertising' or 'promoting' the opposition. But I don't care. I think the 'Quiet Place Project' is a genius website.

As a busy student, I get really stressed out. It can be over friendships, relationships, homework, hormones, exam dates, due-in dates and many little 'niggly' reasons. I never really take time out to breathe or do things for myself (like this blog for example!)
Anyway, today I discovered 'The Quiet Place Project'. It's a website which provides a sort of online narration of relation therapy. Soothing music lulls the brain into a relaxed state, whilst an interactive narrative comforts you. This one particular link on their webpage made me so happy. It was a little project where the reader writes down all their worries in a box on the screen, and watches as they float away and become stars on a backdrop of a serene night sky.
Seeing the images, listening to the music, watching my troubles as they floated away was an experience I'll never forget, even if it was only alive on a computer screen.

'The Quiet Place Project' also had a really good idea about how to visually see your troubles and worries float away. One of their suggestions was to blow up several balloons either alone or with friends and write down your troubles on them with a pen. Then, once outside, simply let them go and watch as the balloons float away. In my head, I can see myself doing this at night-time, in the little field near to my house and feeling so relieved, relaxed, and like a weight has been lifted.

On reflection, I am not really a 'spiritual' person, even though I am religious. That may sound a bit contradictory, but it's true. I don't have a lot of quiet time to reflect and admire the beauty of the world, so I suppose that's why I don't do it or think about it much.
But I hope that after reading and experiencing these amazing ideas I could perhaps begin to understand calming ways of becoming more relaxed and spiritual, even when I am stressed out for whatever reason. I thank 'The Quiet Place Project' for helping me realise what more I should do to make myself more relaxed, and overall happier during a day. I would really reccommend it to everyone to try!
Just by taking 30 seconds out of a busy evening really did make a difference, and I'm sure it will for many others too.

Goodbye for now and thank you for reading!

Monday, 24 September 2012

First Blog Post

Hello Readers!
(If there are, indeed, any of you reading this...)

This is my very first blog post and I am petrified! I was recommended to start a blog by a woman called Caroline who was advising me via an Online Careers Guidance website. To be quite honest, I didn't need careers guidance at all, I've always known what I wanted to do.
When I was in pre-school, I adored writing stories. Our teacher used to give us these teeny tiny blue books with little pictures in and we had to write a story to match. Of course, it was a bit like ghost writing in today's terms, I had to get an adult to write it whilst I narrated, and I think they must have changed some words around and stopped writing when I babbled. My stories started sort of crazy, and looking back on them, not a lot of them made sense. But later on, during my primary years, I developed a passion for English, and I wrote down big novels in ring bound notebooks from Woolworth's. I used to save up my pocket money to afford them, and beg my mum on more than one occasion to buy me them when I was absolutely desperate to jot down my new ideas.

As soon as I got into Year 4 of my education, I fell in love with Jacqueline Wilson books. I read and collected all of them through the years, and despite my age, I still do so now! It's something about the utterly captivating story lines, and colourful, loveable characters that keep me reading Jacqueline’s books over and over again.

I also learnt to admire the work of Elizabeth Laird, introduced to me by a library worker when I attended a club there at the age of eleven. I first read 'Red Sky in the Morning', and was totally bowled over by the contrast of more adult, mature language and relatable story lines. I went on to read 'Jacob's Tower' and 'Paradise End' and 'The Garbage King', falling in love with the characters and empathising with them in the horrific situations they faced.

Now, as I endure my teenage years, I continue my passion for English as I read the work Shakespeare, Dickens and Harper Lee. I strive to earn the best grades I can, and so far I have got A*s in all my English exams. I also use my love for writing to contribute to my school magazine and local papers. Doing so got me the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work alongside the BBC when they visited my school to produce a report. This experience enhanced my dream to become 'one of them' even more!

I think I will use this blog to express my love for books, writing a few reviews here and there, as well as commenting upon current affairs, global matters which affect me, and to gain experience and express myself. I can't wait to watch my knowledge grow as I research economics and politics, as well as see my vocabulary expand as I devour book after book to provide reviews! I really hope that you (if there’s anybody out there) will enjoy my work and write me some feedback to show it!

I hope you like my blog, and I look forward to embarking on this journey!

Thank you!